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What is Healthy?

Were you raised with the belief that eating a diet high in carbohydrate low in fat was the right way to eat? Most of us were, from Baby Boomers to Millenials.  If you take a look around at the way people look physically, the number of inflammatory diseases that exist today, and the number of prescription drugs that are advertised, you begin to understand that something is not working.  Could it perhaps be the food we are eating? Food can be part of healing your body, or it can make you sick on a daily basis.  

Guess what?  We have been WRONG about the food we are eating!  Forget the fast food industry - let's just start with all the processed foods that are available in our grocery stores. Sugar is in just about everything.  Didi you know there are 55 different names for SUGAR? We have enough tough decisions daily to worry about - do we really need to decipher food labels while trying to take care of our families? Most fast food restaurants are multi billion dollar operations, and many families are swinging through the drive through multiple times a week.  

What if we turned most all of our beliefs around food upside down and explored a way of eating that is much closer to the way our ancestors ate?  Natural whole foods including butter, great oils and fats, whole animals, broths, vegetables, and a whole lot less processed anything - especially carbohydrates.  This way of eating is called, Banting or Low Carb High Fat. It is similar to the Paleo diet with a few differences.  It is a non inflammatory way of eating.  It has been shown to nreverse many health challenges including diabetes, weight gain, autoimmune diseases, brain related challenges, and some cancers.  It creates an environment in your body where glucose is diminished so these inflammation related illnesses have no fuel. For example, cancer cells cannot reproduce with sugars in the body to eat.  

All of our meals will be low carb high fat and let me assure you they are GOOD!